University Collection Points

Thank You For Choosing Vegetropolis - the first choice for the Birmingham area.

To make up your own box order. 

All orders must be over £10 please. 

Simply click on the "Catalogue" tab on the top left >  items are listed alphabetically over 2/3 pages > For Items that are by weight (eg. 1kg or 500g) simply click on the drop down box above the prices to choose which weight option you wish to purchase > click "Add To Cart" > return to the catalogue below and repeat this action for each item >  If you wish to add any notes/info about your delivery or produce do this in the "Note" box provided, at this stage > when you have completed your order > click "Checkout" > fill in the required details that enable us to get your delivery to you > under shipping address put ‘Aston University’ within company to make Vegetropolis aware to bring delivery to the Thursday fortnightly collection. You can also check the "save your info for faster checkout" box for next time you visit > ignore the bit about "taxes" there are none! > click "Continue" > choose your payment method by secure "Shopify Payments" card payment.

Discount Codes & Reward Points

Please note any discount codes offered may take you order under the £10 minimum value accepted by the website, you will then see a status that your order cannot be processed, you will need to add item/s to bring the value to a minimum of £11.20  after the value of the 10% discount has been subtracted to apply any discount codes offered.