About Us

     "Let food be thy medicine & let medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates 400 BC.

      Welcome to Vegetropolis online store - My name is Tom, I run an independent Organic Veg Box home delivery service in Birmingham. As you can see from the quote above, I am a great believer in the power of taking personal responsibility for my own health and vitality, whilst supporting organic farming with all the benefits that brings to the environment. For me, eating Organic fruit and veg as part of a very varied diet is at the core of that ethos. The produce is sourced from a Soil Association Certified Organic wholesaler, and is guaranteed organic!

      The store has been set up to enable me to bring the benefits of eating fresh, high quality organic fruit and veg to more customers, as supermarkets do not offer consumers the extensive range of organic produce that is out there! This benefits the business, organic farmers and customers,  securing the future of a company run by a knowledgeable, diligent seller with many years in the organic sector, as a sustainable, thriving venture.

      Organic fruit & veg is the core mainstay of Vegetropolis business, this is because - notwithstanding the obvious environmental benefits of Organic growing, I am happy to support Organic farming & having been involved with this Organic produce for a number of years now, I know it  is of a consistently high standard.

      Also, my experience as a passionate home cook constantly delights my palette with clean, exquisite, pure flavours! This love of  flavour & quality is also constantly expressed by our existing loyal customers, who have been buying from us again & again since the very start of Vegetropolis.                                                                      

      We are based at: Montgomery Street Business Centre, 272 Montgomery Street, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, B11 1DS. 


      Customers ordering online take precedence, buying direct from our premises will be discretionary & at this time is not an option due to Covid 19.

      If you wish to make an enquiry please call on - 07790 257 168.