Vegetropolis - Back on the Tracks

Hi All,

Hope all is well with you & you have had a good August!

I will be back in the saddle next week and am renewing the shop today.

I was due to restart deliveries this week. Unfortunately on Sunday I developed a fever and aching lower back and felt I might have had corona virus again! Well, thankfully all the tests are negative! I remain baffled as to what the illness was! I did feel though it was best, as a precaution, whilst awaiting the PCR test results, to cancel my order with my suppliers for this week as I didn't want to put anyone at risk.

Having had the time during August to appraise how the business has been performing, It became clear, that It was unfortunately not bringing in a great deal of profit. This is largely due to high operating costs such as increasing food prices, rising fuel prices, premises & electricity overheads.

I really do love what I do & certainly see the service I provide to some wonderful people, many of whom I regard as friends, as very rewarding and worthwhile, and in line with my own values and ethics.

It is clear though that maintaining the current level of pricing is not sustainable, as even an increase in customers, would see the attendant increased expenditure on stock & fuel negate any increase in profit. I will try my best to keep price increases to a minimum, but unfortunately this will have to happen.

One solution under consideration is to establish a network of local pick up points such as cafes, shops & independent breweries. This of course may not suit everyone, but would certainly help me reduce my fuel costs! It would be helpful to get some feedback on this idea.

Would you be prepared to go take a short local trip (hopefully on foot or by bike!) to pick up your veg bag/box? If it resulted in this coinciding with a nice visit to a local cafe, shop or brewery?

With thanks & utmost appreciation,



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