New Fixed Veg Box Item Changing Option

Large Organic veg box Medium organic veg Box Organic Fixed Veg Box Organic Veg Box Organic Veg Box Deliveries Birmingham Small Organic veg box

To give you the opportunity to easily tweak your fixed box, Vegetropolis has added a new option. Our Small, Medium & Large Veg boxes now have the option to change items for other available lines.

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Fantastic, Organic Curly Kale back on the menu!

Kale Summer Salad Organic Kale Organic Veg Box Deliveries Birmingham Vegetropolis Vegetropolis Markets

I'll try not to sell the lot on Thursday at StrEAT Market @# JQ


I'll be featuring a few delicious recipe ideas for Kale over the next few weeks, starting with a great way of making a lovely softened Kale Summer Salad to give you a great  boost of vitamins and antioxidants to provide a fabulous balancing antidote to all that Summer over indulgence of barbecues, beers and ice...

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Fennel nutrition info & recipe ideas

CNM College of Naturopathic Medicine Fresh Organic Produce Nutritional information organic fennel Organic Veg Box Organic Veg Box Deliveries Birmingham Recipes Vegboxes Vegetropolis


What is fennel?

Fennel consists of a white or pale green bulb

with green celery like stalks. The stalks are topped

with feathery green dill style leaves and completed with flowers, which produce fennel seeds.

The bulb, stalk and seeds are all edible with the flavour of sweet anise and make a great addition to soups, salad, pasta and more. Fennel is closely related to carrots, parsley, dill and coriander as they...

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At the end of the Rainbow (Carrot)!!!

Fresh Organic Produce Organic Veg Box Organic Veg Box Deliveries Birmingham Vegbox Vegboxes Vegetropolis

Lots of passionate commitment has gone into bringing some of the best quality fresh organic produce you can get anywhere in Birmingham!  We have in stock varieties you just won't find in the supermarket at prices that just can't be matched.  Do you know how much you'll be charged to buy these Rainbow carrots on a London market I was told about recently?  3 times what you are being asked to pay by Vegetropolis!  Have you seen conventional purple carrots in the supermarket?  Let alone gorgeous organic...

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Kale Health Benefits - Damn Good For You !

AMD Birmingham Organic Veg Deliveries Cavolo nero Cavolo nero recipe Fresh Organic Produce Kale Health properties Organic Cavolo nero Organic Veg Box Organic Veg Box Deliveries Birmingham Vegbox Vegboxes Vegetropolis

As Kale is in season at this time and Vegetropolis  is currently stocking 'Cavelo Nero' Kale, here are some great facts about this beautiful Brassica, that every body should be eating, hard to imagine it has been said that Kale used to be grown only for the purpose of feeding horses !


Here is a hearty Winter recipe for you to try - Tuscan Ribolitta.

Synopsis of the health benefits of Kale

  • Kale contains 17 times more Vitamin C than Carrots
  • More Folate than Brocolli...

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