Stock & Deliveries News for Vegetropolis

Thanks to all who continue to support Vegetropolis.

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Apple - Royal Gala,  Braeburn,  Apricots, Aubergines,  Avocado,  Beans - Broad,  Beetroot - Bunched, Carrots, Celery, Courgettes,  Cucumber - Long,  Eggs, Garlic,  Ginger,  Kale, Green - Per Pack,  Lemons, Limes,  Lettuce - Green Oakleaf, Mushrooms - Chestnut Brown,  Onions - Red & White, Olive Oil, Oranges, Peaches, Peppers - Red,  Potatoes - New "Orla" Pembroke, Squash - Butternut, Strawberries, Sweet Potato, Tomatoes - Jersey Vine,  Turmeric - Orange.


Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday morning, also Wednesday evening next week.





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