New Produce Sourced For You!


There are some fantastic, extremely tasty lines in this week for you.

 To help you eat healthily, up your antioxidant levels & support farmers who are responsible, caring custodians of the environment. Why not take a look? 

 Have New Season Parsnips for Roasts & gorgeous soups. Super Sweet Cherry Tomatoes, as there is still time for putting salads on the menu! New Season Mandarins always go down well & sell quickly. We have Beautiful, Fractal Romanesco Cauliflowers, & as if that's not enough we have stunning large Purple Cauliflowers too.

Don't forget you can still order one of 3 different types of Sourdough Loaves for Friday by noon tomorrow. If you missed out though this week there is always next week.

Stay Strong & Smile On!




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