Missing Stock Lines?

Hi all,
some of you may have noticed that I'm not carrying one or two of my usual stock lines over the past few weeks. To shed some light on this, there are two reasons: one being price & the other seasonality.
On the seasonality front I've made a departure from my previous practice, in that
I've decided not to stock South African Lemons & Oranges for a few weeks during the break in the Spanish & Italian crops. I also did this with Apples over the Summer.
This is because I think, in the light of the global challenges we face, perhaps a little soul searching about taking produce from all over the world when it's out of season here, or, in the case of citrus fruit Europe, is something we need to do more of.  Italian & Spanish new season crops should return in a couple of weeks, weather dependent.
So, in the case of Avocados, they're from Peru at the moment & have become ridiculously expensive, I'm hoping that a return to a new season of Spanish Avocados will see a drop in the price, this has in the past been the case. Similarly for Red Peppers (although Spanish) they have also become very expensive.
I hope you can get on board with all this & understand my reasoning?
All that & not a mention of Brexit, or dodgy trade deals to offset our changing relationship with the EU!
On the stock front, Parsnips and Acorn Squashes are back to bring some warming heartiness for the darkening Autumnal evenings. I think I'll try a Parsnip Sweet Potato & Turmeric soup! Rainbow Carrots are also back!
Once again I have the gorgeously tasty Red Globe Grapes, please buy some to stop me eating them all!  Spanish "Osteen" Mangos are also very nice & Pomegranates also make a welcome return.
Wednesday:  Aston, Castle Vale, City Centre, Erdington, Handsworth, Handsworth Wood, Highgate, Jewellery Quarter, Lee Bank, Sutton Coldfield, Walmley, Witton, Wylde Green.

Thursday:  Bearwood, Bournville, Cotteridge, Edgbaston, Harborne, Kings Norton, Longbridge, Quinton, Selly Oak, Selly Park, Smethwick, Stirchley.
 Acocks Green, Hall Green, Kings Heath, Moseley, Sheldon, Shirley, Small Heath, Solihull, Stechford.

Once again, If your area of Birmingham is not featured, just send in your order & I'll inform you which day to expect your delivery.

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  • Stefan

    Good post. Yes, I completely agree with the seasonality posture. It’s important.

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