Fresh In This Week From Vegetropolis


Hi All,

Lots of delicious high quality produce in from local growers and the EU . It's the juicy time of year folks! It's what seasonal Summer food is all about Cherries, Watermelons, Blackcurrants, Apricots, Salad.

There are tasty Accord New Potatoes, a variety I haven't seen before, new season U.K. Carrots too! Kale is Back as well, which is fantastic!  Summer Cabbage, which is basically a larger Spring Cabbage.

As you know we are in the midst of major hikes in the prices of just about everything. Whilst I haven't put up my prices for fixed boxed or started to charge for deliveries, I am having to keep an eye on this as overheads are causing great concern. What I would ask of you as customers though, Is that (as some customers already do) If you can use the stores tips facility to help contribute to my fuel & energy costs, I would greatly appreciate this.


With thanks & good health to you all,



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