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Trading News
On Sunday I will be trading at MAC Food Market with everything you need for your Sunday Roast Veg, and on Tuesday 1st March Stirchley Community Market  in it's fantastic new home at the wonderful Stirchley Baths Community Centre.
Stock Available
Apples - Ida Red & Crimson Crisp,  Avocados,  Beetroot, Cabbage - Tundra, Cabbage - Savoy,   Carrots,  Carrots - Rainbow,  Carrots - Purple, Celery,  Chillis - Red, Sahim,  Cucumber,  Eggs, Garlic,  Ginger,  Grapefruit,  Kale,  Leeks, Lemons, Mushrooms - Chestnut Brown,  Nuts - Almonds, Olive Oil,  Oranges, Peppers - Red,  Potatoes - Bakers, Cara & Red Rooster,  Shallots - Long, Squash - Butternut,  Swede,  Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes - Vine,  Turmeric.

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