Stock, Events & Delivery days for Vegetropolis

Greetings Everyone,


FREE DELIVERY offer remains in place!

Stock Available This Week

Apples -  Red Pippin,  Aubergine,   Avocado,  Beetroot,  Brussels Sprouts,  Cabbage - Savoy, Carrots,  carrots - Purple,  Carrots, Rainbow (purple, orange, white, gold!), Celery, Celeriac - Biodynamic,  Chilli - Yellow,  Cucumber - Long,  Eggs,  Garlic,  Ginger,  Grapefruit,  Hazelnuts,  Kale - Curly Red,  Leeks, Lettuce - Romaine,  Mushrooms - Brown Chestnut,  Mushrooms - Portabello, Olive Oil,  Onions - Red,  Onions - White,  Oranges, Parsnips,  Pear - Conference,  Peppers, Red,  Potatoes,  Shallots, Spinach, Squash - Acorn,  Swede,  Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes, Turmeric, Walnuts.

Delivery Days & Events

 Friday & any days next week.

Last Brum Yum Yum KingshEATh of the year is this Saturday 12/12/2015. I'll be there covering the Health Department angle with lots of Nutricious Delicious Pre Festive Organic Freshness for your Delight & Dietary Delectation, & dancing a little too to keep warm no doubt!

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