Brum Yum Yum Cancelled

Brum Yum Yum KingshEATh & the Kings Heath Winter Fest event has been cancelled due to safety concerns over high winds, the Christmas lights switch on will go ahead though. The short notice will have left everyone involved with a lot of food and hopefully vendors will do everything they can to minimise waste. Personally I have the stock I ordered to trade on the market & would be happy to make deliveries should people wish to order. Much as I was happy to recently contribute food to The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham to be made into delicious meals sold on a pay as you feel basis to help those in need & to reduce waste, I still need to pay next week for the food I have taken on as stock this week. So if you wish to place an order I'll happily deliver today.

Some pics of the food I contributed to this brilliant project being used.


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