What's New In Stock this weekend

Spring is on it's way ! It's not only Daffodils that are coming out of Cornwall, Cornish Cauliflowers we have too ! UK Potatoes continue to be available, this week there is Cara in standard & baker sizes, this is good for baking, roasting & chipping. Desiree is a good all round Potato, baking, roasting, mashing & chipping. Did you know that conventionally grown Potatoes have more pesticides by weight than any other food ? Talking of pesticides there is plenty of produce in stock this week at Vegetropolis that shows up in many high in pesticides worst offenders lists! Top of the list Apples, there are the crunchy French Organic variety Juliet. UK Organic Kale, UK Organic Carrots, Spanish Celery (because of it's long growing season, conventional Celery is exposed to a lot of pesticides). Other Spanish Organic produce this week includes Red Peppers, Cucumber, Pears. Red long Organic Chilli from Morocco. Leafy produce such as Lettuce can be high in pesticides, French Organic Romaine ( 2 pack) is Vegetropolis delicious healthy alternative this week, happy eating !




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