At the end of the Rainbow (Carrot)!!!

Lots of passionate commitment has gone into bringing some of the best quality fresh organic produce you can get anywhere in Birmingham!  We have in stock varieties you just won't find in the supermarket at prices that just can't be matched.  Do you know how much you'll be charged to buy these Rainbow carrots on a London market I was told about recently?  3 times what you are being asked to pay by Vegetropolis!  Have you seen conventional purple carrots in the supermarket?  Let alone gorgeous organic ones?  Organic Desiree Potatoes?  Unwaxed organic lemons? Organic Kale? Organic Ginger this good in quality?  Organic Limes?  No I thought not!  Delay No More, order your own incredible array of sumptuously nutritious goodness, to bring the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to your front door today!

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