Updated Review of Mac Food Market.

I Always look forward to trading on the MAC Food Fair because of the great location, being indoors, the other traders being nice folks, offering great food. If you're coming down for the day the centre ( which is set in a fantastic park, with lakes & several great play areas)  offers a good quality cafe, art exhibitions, theatre, comedy , courses & more.  To be frank It had been quiet over the Summer holidays on the MAC market as the people who come to buy at the MAC market had all seemed to have something better to do elsewhere. So I for one was hoping the kicking in of late Autumn/early Winter & the end of all that home grown/allotment produce people had been enjoying, would convert into sales of  veg for me !

Well as it turned out proceedings lurched from busy to quiet all day & I didn't really make as much money as I would have liked to, but that being said I am always happy to see the people that come & buy from me regularly, or just stop by to shake hands and/or share a hug, some I've known for years & some I've met more recently, such as Pam & Doug here, pictured with a basket full of organic fruit & veg.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Here are links & a quick mention of some of the traders on the market yesterday .  

Firstly, artisan bread from Albert of Ubuntu who makes great sourdough & more always very popular & sells out regularly.  http://www.ubuntubread.co.uk/

Trishul Raw Chocolate, a veritable cornucopia of Vegan chocolate delights prepared in such a way that the full benefits of the health giving properties of chocolate are retained, unlike commercial chocolate where the majority    of the good properties have been destroyed. I sampled the raspberry truffles topped with a dash of slow dried raspberry, giving an intensfied flavour mixing beautifully with the wonderfully textured deeply flavoursome truffle       (can't you just tell I love proper chocolate? )   -      https://trishulrawchocolate.wordpress.com/about/     

       There are delightful chutneys, pickles, cordials jams et al. from the ever wonderful Rachel (pictured above) of Cufuffle Preserves,  whose product range & quality continues  to go from strength to strength -  http://www.cuffufle.co.uk/products-available/ .

I always buy coffee from Andy of Beans & Leaves because frankly you just can't buy such tasty coffee in supermarkets, yesterday I got some Sumatran Takengon Gayon Mountains Coffee, which this morning did not disappoint ! -  http://www.beansandleaveswolves.co.uk/ .

Andy at work.

Pips Hot Sauces are another great local business on the up through providing quality fare with a fantastic array of outstanding chilli sauces -  http://www.pipshotsauce.co.uk/.

There is  lots of other nice stuff on offer  too with cakes & more from the  lovely Paisley Immy - http://www.paisleyimmycakes.co.uk/ , speciality cheeses from Curds & Whey, locally produced honey from the lovely Frank & Shirley of Bees Knees, hot chocolate drinks, brownies & more from More Cocoa http://www.morecocoa.com/ hot Moroccan style vegetarian food from Kuskus - http://www.kuskusfoods.co.uk/ & carnivore foods from the likes of Squisito, and The Mexican Bean  etc. whom I'm informed make some great food, but I didn't check them out cos I'm not a meat eater myself.


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