Stock, Deliveries & Trading News for Vegetropolis

 Hi All,

A welcome return to some salad lines now that we are getting warm days again. Last week was very good in terms of orders, selling out of some lines, so get in there early to avoid disappointment!


On Sunday 24th I'll be trading at MAC Food Markecome along and meet people who care deeply about the quality of the food they lovingly conjure up for your discerning delight & delectation!


Deliveries will be Thursday evening, Friday evening

& Saturday morning.


 Apple - Crimson Crisp, Aubergines, & Aubergine - Graffiti,  Avocado,  Beetroot, Broccoli - Purple Sprouting,  Carrots,  Celery,  Chilli - Sahim,  Courgettes, Cucumbers, Eggs, Garlic,  Ginger, Grapefruit,  Kiwi,  Leeks,  Lemons, Lettuce,  Mushrooms - Chestnut Brown,  Nuts - Almonds, Olive Oil,  Oranges,  Parsnips, Peppers - Red,  Potatoes -  Red Cara,  Shallots - Round,  Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes - Vine,  Turmeric, Watercress.





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