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Hi All,

We are into 'The Hungry Gap' with crops such as Kale, Rainbow Carrots, Purple Carrots coming to an end. Available Potato & Apple varieties are decreasing in number. New season Spanish Garlic is a way off yet, but on the plus side the first flush of English Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Courgettes & Cucumbers are beginning to come through, albeit slowly & irregularly.  I had English Courgettes (& PSB)  ordered but the supplier was then told there where not enough, anyone who did order some last week will know they where delicious! I do have English Leeks though!


Deliveries will be Thursday evening & Friday evening.


 Apple - Crimson Crisp, Aubergines, Avocado,  Beetroot,  Cabbage - Pointed,  Carrots,  Chilli - Sahim,  Courgettes, Eggs, Garlic,  Ginger, Kiwi,  Leeks,  Lemons,  Mushrooms - Chestnut Brown,  Nuts - Almonds, Olive Oil,  Oranges,  Parsnips, Peppers - Red,  Potatoes - Bakers - Remarka,  Red Rooster,  Shallots - Round,  Squash - Butternut, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes - Vine,  Turmeric



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