Winter Weather & The End of an Era!




Hi All,

Thanks goes out as ever to all who buy off Vegetropolis, much gratitude for your support. The first two weeks of 2020 saw a fantastic rise in order numbers, this has meant meeting demand has been challenging though rewarding. 

Winter Weather

The farmers whose produce you buy have been experiencing some very testing weather conditions with prolonged periods of rain & storms. It remains to be seen what outcomes there will be for crops in 2020 if the ground continues to be saturated.  As it stands farmers are not able to get on the land with machinery, as it would cause so much damage to soil structure. 

Farmers in the South of France & Spain have suffered crop damage from Storm Gloria. This may have a knock on effect on prices & availability, as was the case with Spanish Leeks last week, so please be understanding if anything you have ordered turns out not to be available, I will notify & refund you accordingly.

End of an Era!

I was saddened to receive the news from my supplier last week that our Mushroom supplier from Cambridgeshire has decided to cease trading, leading to a shortfall in supply last week.  Those of you who have enjoyed the quality of the funghi they grew will no doubt be saddened to hear this too! They cited staffing issues & difficulty with sourcing compost as reasons behind the decision. Who knows, maybe the staffing issue will be a thing we see more frequently, as there has been press coverage about agricultural workers from abroad deciding to leave the U.K. and citing a less welcoming atmosphere in the country post 2016's Brexit vote. A new U.K based supplier has not been found, so going forward Mushrooms will be from the Netherlands and unfortunately will be more expensive. I have limited availability this week pending a look at the quality of this new supply.

Some Housekeeping

Whilst it is great for me that my customers return boxes to me to reuse for as long as possible in accordance with a commonly held ethos of recycling, and I appreciate you taking up space to keep them between orders, a few issues can arise out of this practice.

As a box you have used will very likely be passed onto a different customer, I don't wish to cause offense I feel though that I must ask of anyone who has pets that due to some recent incidents of animal hairs and unpleasant animal odours that boxes could maybe be kept in a plastic bag to prevent contamination. If leaving a box out for me in a bag I can leave bags behind to be reused. Generally speaking I can only use boxes again whilst they remain reasonably clean. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

What does spring to mind out of this is something that could potentially work very well -  if you wish to give me a Bag for Life type bag to deliver your produce in with you name writ large on it in permanent marker?

Produce Available

Whilst the U.K. Kale plants recover & put on new leaf (that's why there has been none available!) this week sees the return of U.K. Purple Sprouting Broccoli & tasty U.K. Tundra cabbages are also available. There are some very nice long red Spanish Chillis too!

Seville Oranges are still available but hurry if you are planning to make marmalade as they won't be around for ever & will yield better results than towards the end of the season when the pectin drops off.

Thanks & Good Health Folks!