New Website, New Era!


Hi all,

So I hoped it would be a seamless transition to my new website & well, it wasn't! Firstly I'd like to offer apologies to any of my fantastic loyal customers who have had difficulties. Secondly I'd like to say a massive thank you to the folks who gave me invaluable feedback, as this helped me to see what was going wrong for people. Also that it wasn't all bad news & some people liked certain features of the site such as not having to go back & forth to the start of pages every time an item was added to checkout.

In terms of offering help for the most common problem of not being able to log in or not having passwords recognised, customers who have accounts from the previous website will need to reset passwords with a new one. This is because your password from the previous site is classed as sensitive data & the new provider cannot import them for this reason. New customers will be able to set up an account. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you do have difficulties & I will do everything I can to help resolve your issue. Going forward I hope to improve the website as I get to grips with it's functionality, taking on board any feedback from customers.

News will be forthcoming about my plans for Christmas over the next few days.